Great Lent Approaches

And with it, many exciting developments for St John Cassian Chapel. Our chapel’s patronal feast falls on the Sunday of Forgiveness (13 March), and we will be having a festal celebration following Sunday services on that day. Additionally, we will begin having inquirer’s classes on Sundays following Typica for those who are curious about Orthodoxy and desire to learn  more about our ancient church.  All are welcome to come and see.

Our monastery visit this month will be the weekend of February 27th and 28th. Any who plan to attend should let Reader Justinian know no later than the evening of 23rd, so appropriate arrangements can be made at the monastery. Also, please remember that as we are a dependency of the monastery, our visits over are for us to help contribute to the life and upkeep of the monastery.

God bless you as Great Lent comes ever nearer.