Patronal Feast This Weekend and Other News

Everyone is invited to join us this weekend for services for our Patronal Feast.  This is a very important event in the life of the mission, and we are very excited to be celebrating St. John’s feast day on the last Sunday before the beginning of Great Lent.

Services will follow the normal schedule for the weekends:

  • Saturday (3/12) – Vespers @ 5:00 PM
  • Sunday (3/13) – Matins @ 9:30 AM; Typica @ 10:30 AM.

Festal lunch will follow services on Sunday.

In other news, our iconostasis icons are arriving soon from Bulgaria. They should be here for the Sunday of Orthodoxy next weekend (3/20). We will also be beginning inquirer’s classes on 3/20, after Sunday services and lunch. If you are interested in learning about the Orthodox faith, please plan to attend. We are also on track to have our first Divine Liturgy one of the Sundays of Great Lent.

On that note, we still need a number of things for the chapel so that a priest can come in and serve. The needs list can he found here. If you would like to be a benefactor to our chapel, please contact us to make a donation.

Thanks again to all those who are supporting this mission project with their time, effort, money, and most especially prayers. We greatly appreciate it, because without your support, this mission would not be possible!