Matching Fund-Raiser Update

We are happy to announce that we have exceeded our primary fundraising goal of $2500, which will be matched by our benefactor, for $5000 for the construction of the iconostasis. Thanks to your generosity, we raised $350 over the $2500 goal. The additional funds will go toward the purchase of new icons for the additional panels of the iconostasis.

This great blessing was made possible solely by your gifts and prayers, and we cannot thank you enough for the enthusiasm everyone has expressed for this project.

Although the matching-funds fundraiser is over, we will still gladly accept any gifts and donations for the project, which will be used toward the purchase of additional icons or for the second phase of the construction (which will be the deacon’s doors and the icons to adorn them).

Our existing iconostasis icons, which will be housed on the beautiful, new iconostasis.