Parish Wish List

The following are items that we would like in order to adorn the new temple. Any and all donations of items on the list are appreciated. If you choose to donate money toward the purchase of an item on the list, please send us an email or include a note on the donation letting us know how you wish your donation to be used. As always, you can donate online safely and securely via on PayPal or Square. Remember that all your donations are tax deductible and that any donations of any size or amount will place you on the list of permanent commemorations at the Divine Liturgy as benefactors of St. John Cassian Chapel.

Items Needed:
One large brass candle tray for the Table or the Departed
-One litya tray
Three brass candle stands/trays. — Two Donated! One still needed.
-Twenty hanging lampadas
-Six standing lampadas
-New altar covers
Steam Mop (such as this model) Donated!
New rugs for the nave (we need three of these, in dark grey, sized 9×12)
-Ledge shelving for icons (we need at least 26 of these, in the birch wood look) Donated!

Icons We Would Like For the Nave:
Large Icon of the Crucifixion for the Confession Corner (approx. 24in x 40 in)
Large Icon of Saint John Cassian for the narthex shrine (approx. 20 x 32 in) Donated!
-Synaxis of all the Bodiless Powers
Saints Constantine and Helen Donated!
Saint Susanna of Rome Donated!
Saint William of Gelone Donated!
Saint Ita Donated!
Holy Prophet Daniel Donated!
-Holy Myrrhbearers
St Johnna the Myrrbearer Donated!
-Holy Unmercenaries
Saint Brendan Donated!
-Saint Columba
-Saint Brigid
-Saint Maurice
-Saint Menas
-Saint Mercurius
Saint Demetrius the Myrrh-streamer Donated!
Saint Alexander Nevsky Donated!
-New Martyrs of Russia
-Saint Gerasimos
-Saint Mamas
-Synaxis of the 70 Disciples
-Saint Olaf of Norway
-Saint Cosmas Aitolos
-Saint Nicholas Planas
Saint Joseph the Hesychast Donated!
-Saint Phanourios
-Saint Anthony the Great
Saints Peter and Fevronia Donated!
Saint Tikhon Patriarch of Russia Donated!
-Saint Aelwine of Lindsey
-Saint Winifred
-Saint Margaret of Scotland
-Saint Augustine of Hippo
-Saint Cuthbert of Lindisfarne
-Saint David of Wales
-Saint Wenceslaus
-Saint Lydia
-Saint Agnes
-Saint Agatha
Saint Irene Chrysovolantu Donated!
Saint Theodore the Recruit Donated!
-Saint Theodore the General
-Saint Marina
-The Syrian Fathers: Saints Ephraim, Isaac, and John of Damascus
-New Martyrs of China
-Saint Mitrophan
-Saint John of Kronstadt
Saint Seraphim of Sarov Donated
-Saint Gabriel of Georgia
-Saint Thekla
-Saint John Vatazes
Saint Matrona of Moscow Donated!
Saint Elizabeth the New Martyr Donated!
-The Holy Prosforo Bakers Donated!
Saint Euphrosynos the Cook Donated!
-Saint Porphyrios
-Saint Sophronios of Jerusalem
-Saint Hilarion
All Saints of North America (with Saint Sebastian Dabovich) Donated!
Saints Joachim and Anna Donated!
-Saint Dorcas
-Saint Thomas
-Saint Anthony the Roman